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B.C Women Harassed for Topless Sun Bathing

Source Global News

Source Global News - Two East Vancouver women say they have become the target of harassment after sunbathing topless in their backyard.

Deuphine Apedaile and Cassy Conley say they’ve been passing their pandemic isolation by gardening and getting outside.

When the weather improved in April, they also began sunbathing — sometimes topless. The yard is fenced, and the duo says their landlord has no problem with their activities.

But then anonymous, expletive-filled letter arrived at their home.

In a world ridden with a goddamn virus and we are worried about some hunnies trying to tan some cans? Let's get with it here, big fella.

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Fellow Danger Cats of the world know this rule of thumb. Never discriminate but to appreciate a woman of class. Live-action OnlyFans if you will, in a natural habitat.

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Signing Out.
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