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Beyond the Pole with Ania Woods


irst we at Danger Cats always appreciate the humor of women especially a dancer who puts some effort into a hilarious stripper handle and Ania Woods is for sure up there. Recently being crowned Miss Nude Diamonds 2019 in the glorious city of Edmonton, Alberta, with a excellent performance we may add,

Ania Woods Danger Cats
via Instagram/@ania_woods

How many years have you been in the industry?

This will be my 7th year dancing.

What made you make the decision to start stripping?

Weirdly enough I knew I wanted to be a stripper at a young age! I remember “joking” about it when I was 16. I went to the strippers a lot when I was 18 and was inspired by the talent and beauty, then eventually I just got brave enough to face society and do it myself.

Biggest misconception of dancers?

That we are all on drugs.

"I’m a believer in anything can happen so I would never say never to dating a customer."
Ania Woods Danger Cats

What’s the biggest douche move a guy can pull in the club to you?

Ignoring the dancers boundaries, if we tell you not to touch don’t continue to try and push the limits. Also...not tipping when you sit on front row.

In your mind what is the number 1 rule if a dude wanted to date a stripper?

Don’t try and get her to quit as soon as you develop feelings for her. You need to have open communication and confidence in yourself and the relationship or it’s just a waste of time.

What makes for a good customer in the club?

First of all.. know you are a customer and not just a random dude in a regular bar trying to pick up average women. Tip the dancers on stage. If a customer was at the club for 5 hours and gave every girl they watched on stage just $5 for their effort and talent, they would only be spending only $50.

Ania Woods Danger Cats

Has stripping changed you as a person in any way?

In so many ways! I am so much more confident and secure with who I am. I have learned to be assertive, and I know my worth so much more.

Would you ever date a customer? If so, what is something that would attract you to them being in a pretty sexual environment already?

I’m huge into personality. I’m a believer in anything can happen so I would never say never to dating a customer.

Say the stripping industry stopped tomorrow, what would be the next move for you?

Open up a fitness studio! Pilates, HIIT, yoga. Classes

Ania Woods Danger Cats

Do you have other jobs/side hustles as well?

I teach pole and I am a Pilates and HIIT instructor

If you had one piece of advice to give to any girl looking to become a dancer what would it be?

Gotta have tough skin, don’t take anything anyone says to you personally. And it’s not anywhere near as easy as you think it is so be prepared to be challenged.

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