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Beyond the Pole w/ Cassius Chay


assius Chay recently crowned 2019s Miss Nude Northern Alberta brings a lot of spice to the exotic dancing world. Being a belly dancer first her movements and stage presence is eye catching leaving you locked into her show. Taking her talents across the globe showcasing her entertaining act we were able to catch a hot minute of her time for another great Beyond The Pole segement!

Cassius Chay Exotic Dancer

How many years have you been in the industry?

I have been stripping since 2012, with a 2 year break after my first 3 months. Since 2015, I have been pretty steady.

What made you make the decision to start stripping?

I am talented and beautiful and I needed the money.

Biggest misconception of dancers?

Biggest misconception was: that it’s an easy job. You can just flaunt your stuff and make tons of cash. Wrong! It takes Preparation before your shift, motivation during your shifts, and recovery afterwards-to do this job well.

Cassius Chat Miss Nude Canada

What’s the biggest douche move a guy can pull in the club to you?

Over complimenting me and not tipping. Pulling me aside when they see I am busy, just to tell me I am beautiful and not getting a dance or tipping me.. Flattered, but I cannot pay my Visa bills with just compliments! Or, asking me what I am doing after my shift. That is my personal time… I am here now, so let’s have fun now. Especially when I just met them!

In your mind what is the number 1 rules if a dude wanted to date a stripper?

Don’t be cheap, you gotta spend money… and don’t get jealous. stripping is a job and way of life to put food on the table and live a high quality life.

I am a belly dancer first. That has been in the works for years before stripping.

What makes for a good customer in the club?

Nice, smells good, buys dances or tips on stage. Not aggressive in the dance (to touch or lick), not obsessive and understands this is our job.

Has stripping changed you as a person in any way?

Yes, it has made me see right through people’s bullshit. It has made me more straight up and upfront with people (personal and business life). It has made me more firm with what I want in life.

Cassius Chay Belly Dancer

Would you ever date a customer? If so, what is something that would attract you to them being in a pretty sexual environment already?

I love a good conversationalist, brains is hot! They have to be healthy. They obviously have to be well-off to the point they can take extra time off to enjoy and spend with me, without struggling financially. They have to show me things I have never seen before-and spoil me to an occasional shopping spree or vacation.

If the stripping industry stopped tomorrow, what would be the next move for you?

I am a belly dancer first. That has been in the works for years before stripping. Fitness too… I am working on my first property now so I guess it would be property management.

Do you have other jobs/side hustles as well?

Belly Dance and Fitness  www.chaykit.com

Cassius Chay Exotic Dancer

If you had one piece of advice to give to any girl looking to become a dancer what would it be?

Stay healthy, you must have a strong and positive mindset… stay clean, mind your business, keep the peace, always have a side hustle.

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