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Most Tattooed Stripper of North America Kruella Kraken Tells All


s the worlds most tattooed exotic entertainer, We can't take our eyes off her! From the fire breathing to the split tongue your always in for a show when Kruella Kraken takes the stage

1.How many years have you been in the industry?

I am going on my sixth year.

2.What made you make the decision to start stripping?

I decided to start dancing after taking on a gogo dancing gig for extra cash. Once I realized how freeing the job was, I decided to take it on full time, and naked.

3.Biggest misconception of dancers?

That we are addicted to cocaine, money and attention. The age of the "cocaine stripper" is long over. Most of us are stoners. Most of us keep our lives private. We all make different amounts of money, some of us are comfortable making a living wage and some girls hustle like their rent is due tomorrow. Another misconception is that it's an easy job. My calloused hands tell a different story. Pole dancing is very hard.

I have thought “wow this guy is actually cute and we are totally vibing" but they always ruin in by asking to pay for sex.

4.What’s the biggest douche move a guy can pull in the club to you?

The biggest douche move is wasting a dancer's time. I've had guys promise me an all night buyout if I sit and drink with them. After spending some time with them, they change their mind and no longer want a dance. It's a job, don't waste my time. Drinks don't pay the bills.

5.In your mind what is the number 1 rule if a dude wanted to date a stripper?

Not really a rule but you would need to be completely secure with yourself. I've been accused of cheating. by damn near every single boyfriend I've ever had. The job was there before the dude and will most likely be there after the break up. So don't come into a relationship with a sex worker with the ideal that you can change them or save them. We don't need saving.

6.What makes for a good customer in the club?

A great customer is one who tips, smiles and is courteous. If you can't afford a dance, that's fine, just tell us and don't waste our time. If you can't afford anything in the club. Don't come at all. You should have a little bit at minimum to be able to tip the stage girls. They put in a lot of work.

7.Has stripping changed you as a person in any way?

Stripping has absolutely changed me. It has given me a surge of confidence in myself. I can afford to live comfortably. I can collect the things that interest me. I pursue any prop or skill and utilize it at work and on stage. I can't think of any job where I can learn to walk on my hands and get paid for it. Without stripping I would be a more stressed version of myself. I wouldn't get the opportunity to look exactly how I like, face tattoos and all.

8.Would you ever date a customer? If so, what is something that would attract you to them being in a pretty sexual environment already?

That's a hard question because there has been times I have thought “wow this guy is actually cute and we are totally vibing" but they always ruin in by asking to pay for sex. Or just become too aggressive in general. So I guess I'd answer that by saying I haven't met a customer who I would pursue yet and I doubt I ever will.

9.Say the stripping industry stopped tomorrow, what would be the next move for you?

I would probably look for any kind of dance teaching or gogo dancing. I would also sell antiques on the side. It would be very hard to replace how active I am in my current job but I would definitely search for anything that involves performing.

10.Do you have other jobs/side hustles as well?

I mean I tried out only fans for a bit. Wasn't really my jam. I've considered buying and selling oddities. Or opening a death museum.

11.If you had one piece of advice to give to any girl looking to become a dancer what would it be?

If you're going to do it, do it right. Wear real stripper shoes. Buy a nice bikini. Save your money properly. Invest while you can and pay off any debts while you're making the money. The economy can crash. You can break your ankle and boom, it's all over and you don't get the chance to make that kind of money again.

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