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Beyond the Pole w/ Rachel Rampage


oday my Dangerous Felines we have the lovely Rachel Rampage give us her take on the glorious world of exotic dancing! But that is not her only handle be sure to find out what other crazy job title she has in this ace of a interview!

Danger Cats Rachel Rampage

How many years have you been in the industry?

7 years.

What made you make the decision to start stripping?

I was broke. I was a full time student living in Vancouver. I barely scraped by paying rent with no money left over for food. I was literally starving.

Biggest misconception of dancers?

That we’re less human.

Rachel Rampage Exotic Dancer

What’s the biggest douche move a guy can pull in the club to you?

Expect me to work for free.

In your mind what is the number 1 rule if a dude wanted to date a stripper?

Communication is key. I tell my husband EVERYTHING. If I have to hide it, I probably shouldn’t be doing it.

What makes for a good customer in the club?

Everyone is a good customer as long as they pay for our labour. We always appreciate repeat customers.

Rachel Rampage Danger Kittens

Has stripping changed you as a person in any way?

It has! Although I’m still the same person deep down, I’m much more confident then I was before I started stripping. I’m also perfectly fine turning into a total cunt when I need to be. I’ve realized how often people try and take advantage of young women, I’m very quick to dismiss those people.

Would you ever date a customer? If so, what is something that would attract you to them being in a pretty sexual environment already?

I married one! But I’m a sucker for metal heads with long hair.

Say the stripping industry stopped tomorrow, what would be the next move for you?

It has stopped!! Hopefully not for long but I’m answering these questions during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m terribly sad that the clubs are shut down. Lucky for me I’m still working during this crisis. I’m a daytime ‘Death Dealer’.

I check bodies in and out of the morgue. I also really like the term ‘Body Snatcher’ as I respond to home deaths as well.

Danger Kitten Rachel Rampage

Do you have other jobs/side hustles as well?
See above.

If you had one piece of advice to give to any girl looking to become a dancer what would it be?

Save your money!

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