For The Cats

Dear Danger Cats from Uncle Hack


ear Danger Cats of the World,

First off I want to formally thank you all that have followed the brand and even myself with out any of you giving a shit what content I've created through the years I'd be no where close to where I am today. It's been a hell of a journey these past 3 years which have seemed like a blur to even think of when I started to where it is now. Blows my fuckin' mind everyday. Starting from filming off my iPhone 5 to being able to produce some amazing content has been a dream come true. I've tried and failed at many things and for this to be the creation that took off I can't be more thankful.

Do I view myself as a role model of some sort? God no, I'm a degenerate even on the best of days maybe my morals align right in those times but there is nothing I enjoy more than the debauchery a few beers can create. Which I think most of you can agree with, just a simple man with a simple take on life. Nothing a few beers can't fix ya know? In moderation of course being a full blown drunk isn't really a great path but then again you never seem to hear them complain.

If you would of told me this is what I'd be doing for a living I would of called bullshit off the hop. As a teenager we always pissed around with cameras filming every bit of summer whether it was skateboarding, doing stupid shit, partying or just having fun so to do this on a larger scale is a dream come true. I've tried many times at creating clothing lines in which case three of them failed and now Danger Cats was the one allowed me to chase a dream. Everything I truly enjoy putting my time into is now apart of my day to day life which I could not be happier.

Uncle Hack

There were a few bumps in the road I would say in the adventure of the Cats but being persistent on what I believed in help conquer through. For a while I was in a dark place, did not feel myself, was depressed, stress took over and the list goes on which lead me going back to why I started this is all in the first place. Now Danger Cats has never brought me more happiness and joy than it ever has. All thanks to you guys, I may sound like a pussy writing this but there is nothing wrong with expressing the gratitude towards the people that stood with our brand.

"Live your life like your writing a book that you'll read on your death bed"

Personally to me the most satisfying feeling though is receiving messages from people all over the world telling me they have met some of their best friends just off the brand. That right there is worth every second and sacrifice put into creating everything behind Danger Cats. The fact a human can stroll into a foreign place wearing some merchandise only to have common ground with others is what motivates me to not quit. Countless times I've answered DM's and had conversations of people in a dark place in their life and the humor we offer helped them throughout their day is probably of the most satisfying emotions I've ever had.

Even in the dark moments of my own life this was always something to shed some light on shitty situations so once again I can't thank you all enough for giving two flying fucks on what I put on the internet. I've never been more excited, motivated and ecstatic to continue on this journey into 2020. The crew now at our headquarters is a solid group of dudes I could not be more blessed to have in my corner! Along with the opportunity to work with other content creators around the world and opportunity arising this next year.

I'm going to leave you with a little advice my Grandfather told me "Live your life like your writing a book that you'll read on your death bed". That has always stuck with me since I was a youth. He has lived probably the most wild life I've heard with my own two ears so it spoke volumes to me. Money can be made but your time here is only limited have some fun for fuck sakes, take risks and enjoy the small things.

One Love,

Uncle Hack