Emergency Goalie Beats Leafs, Proving They Suck.


ero discredit to the emergency goalie David Aryes who stepped in for the Carolina Hurricanes Saturday night, guy is an absolute legend. Imagine getting the nod at 42 to strap the pillows on in the show. Big fella is a sick beauty which we all know, facing 10 shots only letting 2 slide past to make history of the oldest debuting tendy to record a win. When the everyday common man gets the call to play in the pros it's something we all can rally behind.

Beating the Leafs just makes it that much better, seeing as the sports world in Canada revolves around that shit-hole, becomes a win-win situation. Zamboni driver slaps on the pads to kick pillows for a flawless victory, I'll take it. If you're a hockey fan in Canada you know goddamn what I'm talking about. Fact we can't get our sports highlights without having 45 minutes of Leafs talk prior makes this victory for David Ayres a bit of our own.

Seldom moments in a mans life he feels accomplished and proud of his efforts. David my man, soak up every ounce of that big dog. I love seeing that shit, even when Scott Foster stepped in for the Blackhawks in 2018 you know damn well you thought "Fuck Yeah". Every young boy or girl that's laced up fantasizes playing in the show. sometimes that dream comes just a bit later in life. Just seeing that big cats grin on the tube, you he's just beaming inside. Finally got a taste of what all of us chased, being one of the boys in the bigs.

On behalf of all us at Danger Cats we salute you David, best believe we cracked a few cold ones in your honor. Everyday working knocked a win off in the show. This particular incident is why I love the game as much as I do. We praise the men that play in the NHL like heroes but moments like this remind us they are not invincible.

Rock on David

Signing Out,

Uncle Hack