Hawg Flatts Biker Rally


olling into the yard I didn't know what the fuck to expect to be honest. You always see this shit in the new about bikers being painted horrible people or the image they portray these fellas is their rough and rowdy assholes. I'm no biker by any means just a dude that enjoys himself a good party at best. Greeted by at the gates we met some burly dudes who clearly some guys you don't want to fuck with in a back alley. But the classic don't judge a book by it's cover rule comes into effect here, guys were nice as can be. Helped the lads get a solid camping spot, cracked some beers and classic shooting the shit on a tailgate ensued.

As you can see I had nothing short of a hell of a time out there, Red the big man on campus running the joint made absolute sure our red solo's were not close to half empty ever. Great location too, miles out of the town of Athabasca where you can hoot with the owls all night long my Dangerous Felines. Canada Day weekend spent with the boys out at Hawg Flatts was well spent. Brody and I shook off another hang over on a lovely journey home reminiscing of all the stupid shit we got up too. Wish I had the brain cells to remember all the guys names that put on the even but thank you for having the Cats!

Signing Out,

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