Mike Tyson May Be Back For Some Bare Knuckle Boxing!


ron Mike not only is looking in shape but he is absolutely smashing pads like the young HeavyWeight Champion of the World we all remember. I can remember countless times as a youngster listening to countless of my friends fathers losing their minds with cable companies trying to get the PPV fired up only for the fights to last only one round. Then shortly after watching Tyson decimate his opponent would be sorrows of a $89 rental drowned in countless Budweiser's.

Would I be stoked to see one of the greatest Heavyweights that dawned the squared circle lose the gloves for one? I'd be a fool to say no. And I would say even the Champ himself is probably mulling over that $20M smackaroos that's on the table for a bare knuckle tilt. Hell sign me up I'd get the absolute shit beaten out of me for a cool $100K at this given time. As I'm sure many out there would as well.

With potential opponents like Tito Ortiz, Wanderlei Silva and Evander Holyfield even throwing his own name in the hat for a possible third bout between the two, how special would that be folks. The final match up between two greats is a beautiful, pretty much sanctioned bar fight. This is what the world needs to happen as this virus has stopped us all in the tracks. This my friends would be the pick me up we all deserve.

Until then we will sit around dreaming of the day and fantasizing of every possible opponent the Baddest Man on the Planet could face.

Signing Out,

Uncle Hack