NHL Set To Come Back

(Photo from @timandsid/Twitter)

On Tuesday we finally got some news regarding the future of the NHL season and what the plan is going forward.

Commissioner Gary Bettman announced that there are currently 10 cities under consideration for the playoff tournament, Vegas, Toronto, Chicago, Columbus, Edmonton, Dallas, L.A., Minnesota, Vancouver and Pittsburgh. Each conference will be assigned a hub city and will play out of their and will have dedicated hotels and extensive testing throughout the playoffs.

The regular season has been deemed finished and the top 24 teams will be playing in the playoffs with the top four seeds getting a bye and will play for seeding.

Below is a graphic from Yahoo Sports Twitter on the current first-round match-ups for the tournament.

The Top four seeds in each conference will be playing a round-robin to determine the seeding for the playoffs.

Eastern Conference top four, Boston, Tamp Bay, Washington and Philadelphia.

Western Conference top four, St. Louis, Colorado, Dallas and Vegas.

The teams that have not qualified for the tournament will be automatically put into the draft lottery and the teams that don’t qualify for the playoffs will fill out the rest of the lottery. Below is a graphic explaining how the lottery will be set up vie the LA Kings Twitter.

The dates are still being determined and be sure to check back here for more updates as the NHL slowly reveals its plan to return.