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Opinion: Can We Stop Shitting On Alberta For Just A Miniute

Alberta Oil Patch
Photo By: Zbynek Burival

Can we honestly take a log off the fire when it comes to shitting on Alberta? From the 29 years of me walking this beautiful province, there has been nothing but hate toss our way. If some A-List celeb isn't bringing their hoity-toity ass in on a private jet to spew their political jargon, it's an environmentalist with zero clues on what actually goes on in this big blue world.

We all remember the time in 2014 when Leonardo DiCaprio was filming in Southern Alberta for The Revenant and made stupid comments about chinooks. Now I get it if you aren't from the area, it does seem alarming on the climate change agenda. But you never seem to hear a peep about the thousands of pump jacks hidden in warehouses throughout Hollywood, do you? Or about the smog-ridden Los Angeles he lays his hat.

Alberta, in my mind, has a lot to offer a beautiful country like Canada. It has employed many Canadians, offers many tourist attractions, excellent post-secondary schooling, and the list goes on, yet somehow is always under scrutiny. While reading this, you're probably thinking, listen to this ass clown, just another typical whiney Albertan dishing out more bullshit to add the unstable political climate. While you are thinking that ask yourself what do other provinces and territories bring to the table.

After working in Alberta's oil patch for several years, you'll find flaws in the industry. Safety and environmental issues are the first on every job site, a simple change of a 2" inch valves paperwork alone would save three trees (how's ironic right). But if a celebrity isn't there to shit on the industry, is there action really being taken?

What do I know, though? Like everyone else on the planet, I am just an asshole with an opinion. Until there is a solution for a constant energy source that is more stable and sustainable than oil, we should all kindly shut the fuck up and let people with knowledge attack these issues. Not 17-year-olds with Aspergers.

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Uncle Hack