Porch Crawler Night With The Boys | Drink Recipe

Just cause we are getting older, having kids and doing adult shit like paying bills on time for once. It does not mean you can't let the hair down like the good old days only to get gravel eatin' drunk with the boys. Personally think it's healthy to let that caged beast from your 20s come out for a shimmy shake. 


  • Flat of Beer (24 Cans)
  • 40 of Vodka
  • 40 of Flavoured Vodka of choice
  • 1 Litre of Country Style Lemonade


  1. Dump all above liquids into a container (we would go buy a cooler from Wally World)
  2. Enjoy a drunken evening with your buddies

Simple yet easy to have yourself a good time with the lads. Pre-warn the ol' ladies that daddy is getting torched and to kindly fuck off.