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Reclining Chair on a Airplane Issue Solved!!


debacle ensued with a woman reclining her seat on an American Airline flight where a man behind her decided punching the back of the seat was the proper action to take. First off let us break this down, 2020 our entitled asses even having the luxury of flying to whatever destination we please, still can not appreciate that luxury. You paid for the seat, recline that fucker however far back you want. If my broke ass could afford Business Class I'd be there enjoying endless legroom with a dash of bottomless whiskeys but I'm regular-ass debt-heavy human.

Within 10 seconds of watching the 45-second clip is where my breaking point would have been. Homeboy would have caught himself a fade, children are annoying enough on a plane let alone an adult acting like one. You rent that chair when you fly, it has the option of reclining, therefore, you get that option. Don't like it? Fly private then. Right, like the rest of us sitting commercial you don't have deep pockets.

Entitlement these days has got out of control. Somewhere in human evolution, we went terribly wrong. The situation at hand is one of them, big fella over here watching Mulan get his dick in a knot over a reclined seat. Big Momma might have had a long ass day just wants to relax only to have some knob-lick punch the back of her seat the duration of a flight. She has every right to be pissed in my opinion.

Since we are yapping about airplane etiquette here, let's toss in people that get up before the tires of the plane touch earth to get their carry-ons loaded up to exit. You people suck, every single fuckin' one of you. Sit your ass down, relax and we can exit this bitch accordingly. Those bags you are racing for at the carousel will be waiting for you.

Maybe at the end of the day, I don't care enough to let little things like a reclined seat bother me on a flight. My attitudes simple, you paid for the seat in which I did not. Recline that fucker all you want cause best believe ol' Uncle is going to get his lean on.

Signing Out,

Uncle Hack