Return to play - My thoughts

With the NHL just announcing its plan to return to action today here are my thoughts on the proposal.

To start, I’m excited that we finally have some sports news and something to look forward to. However, I got some issues with the proposed format.

Knowing how stupid and unpredictable the NHL can be I find it so dumb that teams that busted their ass off during the regular season and were in a position to make the playoffs in the normal format now could be bounced out like nothing.

The regular season feels like it was worthless at this point, granted we are in unforeseen circumstances teams like Montreal and Chicago who weren’t even in the right atmosphere for playoffs now have a shot at potentially going all the way and winning this.

Your kidding right?

The best of five series to determine who gets in when teams who were already in can get just put out like it’s nothing.

I would of much rather preferred just taking the top 16 teams and letting them fight to the death for the playoffs. 

I don’t blame the two teams that voted against this proposal because it doesn’t seem fair to those who already were in a position to make the playoffs to have their season tossed in the trash because maybe they just couldn’t get going after this long break.

It’s so jokes to me that a team with 71 points and 72 points get this chance at the cup. 

I’m looking right at you Montreal and Chicago.

If the NHL really wanted to have the playoffs again and get the money those owners want so badly a one-shot elimination game for the fringe teams to see who qualifies would be much better. Have it like wildcard weekend but for the NHL.  Then have those teams that won play on against teams that made it already.

Or here is a wild idea just take the teams that were already in the playoffs and go from there and have a normal playoffs. Everyone will be happy and we don't have this confusing March Madness rip off tournament.

      Just watch one of those fringe teams upset someone and make a run.

Also, if we were robbed of a Battle of Alberta match-up this season I will not forgive this Bettman...