Shane Gillis Be Dat Guy With The Best Special of 2021


hane Gillis dropped a hot one for the lads this summer by dropping Shane Gillis Live In Austin at The Creek and Cave in Austin, TX. Rackin up a solid 2.3 million views on Youtube, we can respectfully say the man earned every single one of those views fellas.

We want to sincerely thank that shithead blogger that decided to dig up some material of Shane on his legendary podcast Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast cause god knows what SNL would of done to this goddamn living legend.

If you friend are looking for a little giggle on a night in, then look no further. Kick the feet up, crack a few chilly Pilly's, and let Uncle Shane to you on a rollercoaster ride of chuckles.

We aren't one of these douche bag sites that going to rate the special on a Richter scale like some assholes, not a single chance. The blogger did the hard work for us by digging through The Young Bull's comedy and making it known he's funny.

Nothing solidifies whether or not a comedian is hilarious by having some uptight woke ninny attempting a hit piece to take down the jester of the court. With that being said enjoy the fruits of Shane Gillis' labour on this one lads.