Sparrow Blue: What are the Badlands Blues?


ased out of the city of Edmonton this 6 piece set to bring a taste of real thick Rock and Roll they like to claim. With Des Parks on vocals, Jon Dombroski on guitar, Liam Holm on drums, Bernie Baksa on guitar, Russell McCann on percussion and Jack Hansen on Bass in 2016 they have found their sound and path in creating music. The self-titled also self-funded album Sparrow Blue was released November of 2018 and since the band is finding more opportunities to watch their music grow. From playing garage shows at parties to opening for the like of The Wild! also NightSeeker, Dean Murdoch star of Fubar's band, the opportunities now to grow as a band is becoming more common.

Sparrow Blue: Real Thick Rock & Roll

When asked if being a six-piece band does it make it tough to conclude the direction of the band Des Parks responded: "Honestly it has brought up more together as a band when we first started some of us were friends and over time its made us grow together - we are always open to everyone's ideas and allow the constructive criticism to flow in a natural state".

Sparrow Blue Edmonton Alberta

Majorly influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and many more classic bands the music produced by these gentlemen take to you a place where a beer in the hand with a fire at the feet is home. Their new single "Real Thick" will be released March 27th on all streaming platforms brings a faster pace to their usual work, but it's a good place to find the closest dance floor for a shake. With their popularity rising and being an unsigned band if a deal presented itself would the band go that route "It would have to be something we all agree on - we like having the creative control also the direction we want to take this, we started just wanting to play some rock and roll so as long as it would stay that way we would make a group decision" replies Bernie Baksa

Sparrow Blue brings a great stage presence to venues across Edmonton and western Canada and as the band continues to grow we will be sure to catch as many of the shows we possibly can. You may have heard their music for most of the intros to the series9Liveson the Danger CatsYoutubechannel and even some radio play if you are located in the city of Edmonton. The boys bring an excellent vibe into every show they play and make it easy to slide a few beers in yourself enjoying some excellent music.

You can check out Sparrow Blue on iTunes , Spotify and also YouTube