Stock the Home Bar like a True Danger Cat


eeping it simple is the first of order. Now we all know those times when the boys pop by the shack and you go to offer them a beer only to remember you sat up watching sports highlights cranking back the last few in the fridge. I know it happens from time to time, one slips away on a guy. We aren't judging you by any means but how fuckin' hard is it to pop by the beer store after work before heading home ya know? Here is small check list to have stored away in case those moments of the fellas swinging by.

Beers on snow

Case of Beer

Some crispy's chilling away in the fridge always locked and loaded. Now we don't judge, a beer is a beer, whether you're into craft brews or keeping it standard with the classic suds it don't matter. Just the fact you have some ready for action is the main gesture at hand.

Bottle of Whiskey

For those just a couple nights that turn into a complete run away. We have all been there before, having a few in the garage with the bromosexuals and BAM next thing you know its midnight you're half skanked dipping your toes into the Whiskey River. Ol' lady's blowing up the phone telling you to shut the fuck up the kids trying to sleep but you know it's not your fault. It's the sweet nectar of the whiskey cokes.


Nothing more irritating on this planet then slamming some ice into a glass, drizzling some liquor into a fresh glass only to search high and low to find there is zero mix in sight. Before you say it, be a man and drink it straight. Settle down bro-cha-cho it's fuckin' Tuesday, we aren't out here acting like frat boys first time on the piss pal. Keep a 2 litre on stand by at all cost, a true bro don't give a shit what brand it is or even if its diet. No man will turn down a mixed drink because of the pop and that's a fact.


Another must have on stand by! This isn't high school my friend where we are passing around a bottle of piss warm half drank rye you stole from the old man. We're immature men that enjoy a good drink, a chilled good drink too boot. So don't be a bozo and have all the necessities except for ice cubes. I mean no one is going to complain about not having ice when they half snapped but shooting the shit goes hand in hand with an ice cold drink.

Red Solo Cups

Your boys aren't high class assholes and if they are tell them dipshits to take a log off the fire. We don't need these crystal glasses and bullshit to have a drink with the homeboys. A simple Red Solo to reminisce about old times, what you fucked up on the pick up or even just to catch up with a buddy is all that matters. Simple times call for simple measure which a Red Solo is the runner up for good times had. First being the liquids you put in the son of bitch of course.