Tanner "Bulldozer" Boser is headed to Fight Island

Tanner "Bulldozer" Boser or formally known as Uncle Bose around these parts, is heading to Fight Island. After a devastating KO over Philipe Lins June 27th, the OG cat headed to Abu Dhabi to take on Raphael (Bebezao) Pessoa.

Boser just shy by six days shy of the fastest turn around time in heavyweight history now sits with a record of 2-1-0 in the division.

Pessoa not seeing any action since late October with a win over Jeff Hughes with a 1-1-0 in the UFC.

Coming in lighter than usual in the last scrap Uncle Bose looked deadlier than ever. If you watch carefully for the first time in our dear friends' career of MMA, we did indeed see an ab at one point. By no means a shot at our bromosexual being obese of any sort. I mean christ, the man defended a title numerous times in Unified and has been able to fight five full rounds for ages.

As always, we will be glued to our TVs come July 25th with an ice-cold brewski yelling at the kids and wife to shut the fuck up while our homeboy does some serious work overseas.