For The Cats

Top Hat Strip Club Review

Alright you Dangerous Bastards before we get into the first ever strip club review lets go over how we are going to give our review. I know some of you got the brain power of a 7-11 brand battery but I'll do my damnedest to explain how this is going down.

  • We are reviewing the club as its own entity NOT the dancers, these fine athletes travel all over the countryside and to review a club based on the talent they book would be down right stupid of me.
  • The location of the club is crucial here and how easy it is to access.
  • Overall vibe of the joint, I know some of you are all bout them vibes so I'll give my take on that for the hippies out there.
  • How the staff is and also the bar set up, the Cats love a good cocktail and we need them accessible.

We all remember that first titty bar.

Now first let's take a little stroll down memory lane here, The Top Hat when I first legally walked into those doors was in a different location than it currently sits. Before when Uncle was just a Nephew the club was in the heart of the bar area making it a hot spot before heading on a night of the town. Ya know you and the boys stroll in for a couple drinks maybe a couple dances before heading on the town to make your mark as a degenerate fuck. I had a hell of a time in that ol' joint let me tell ya, one particular thing that always stood out was above the washrooms was in bright bold lettering WARSHROOMS, excellent touch with that.

Alright fuck I'll quit living in the past like some pant shitting boomer and get this review going. Lethbridge is a slick little town with a college and also university making it quite the party during those school months. Like I said before the club used to be located in the beating heart of the party where now it sits on Mayor Magrath the main drag through Lethbridge. Current location is a bit off the grid from the bumping area of the Windy City, but I feel the club as a whole is much better.

Prior the bar consisted of one pour station where now they offer a much larger bar to slingblade them whiskeys faster and more efficient. Nothing more of a piss off than standing around waiting for a cocktail so you can get back to enjoying what you came for. Staff was was friendly and fun, I was in there in a more slower night so service was top cheese. Making that vibe we talked about earlier more at ease.

Overall I would say for a smaller city strip club this one is not bad at all. Maybe I am a bit more bias on the terms this is thee first Tina's (what we at DC headquarters refer to as strip club combining strippers and ballerinas) I've stepped foot in leaving a sense of nostalgia giving the review but when ever I find myself in the Dirty South of Alberta always manage to find myself in there for at least one cocktail.