Top 5 Manly Drinks To Order


t some point in a man's life just drinking a beer is not going to cut it. Now I for one am not against a nice ice cold crispy beer but there are the times when you just need something a bit more than that but you for one don't want to look like a pussy ordering a cocktail by any means. Every fella has had one of those weeks where work was shit, wife has been up your ass and the kids are driving you completely mental. All that can be prescribed from sending a man to his boiling point is a solid cocktail. Here is my top 5 go to drinks to ease the stress to hone me back to earth.

Old Fashioned

Back when men were men this was a drink of choice. 2 oz of Bourbon or rye whiskey poured over a glass with a sugar cube, a splash of water, and some bitters. Simple, easy and hits just right. A great cocktail to kick back and sip on to relieve the stress of life but always go orange peel never a maraschino cherry. We are a goddamn child ordering virgin Shirley Temples for christ sake.

Gin and Tonic

Now our first round draft pick by any means but still up there for a great bowl of loud mouth soup. Crisp and packing a punch to simply catch a little buzz, if you are drinking with a simple end goal of getting slammed. Not at bad choice at the end of the day.

Classic Manhattan

Easily the manliest drinks of them all, being the number one cocktail our forefather booze bags slugged back in the prohibition era we'd be fools not to have this on the list. 2 oz of rye whiskey and ½ oz of vermouth with bitters and a maraschino cherry for a garnish, now I know I was talking shit on the cherries but dish that off to the miss or kindly remove it from the glass. Appreciate the time we are in where booze is easily accessible unlike the poor bastards tip toeing around just to get a swallow of some sweet nectar

The Godfather

If you haven't sat down and enjoyed this phenomenal series first off, you can fuck right off. Wise Guy's of New York classic go to 1 ½ oz of Scotch whisky or Bourbon and ¾ oz of Amaretto to put a little pep in the step. The Godfather is one of the drinks that do separate the men from the boys. I even recall my first ever switch of Scotch damn near put me on my ass.


A drink invented during the time of WW2 deserves a top spots on manly drinks. 1.5 oz Cognac or Bourbon is mixed with ¾ oz Cointreau, ¼ oz lemon juice, and ice has many tales of it origin but despite that knowing our Grandfathers and Great Grandfather overseas fighting for the freedom is something always worth remembering. These were men despite the age that some were and great men always deserved to be remembered. Having a cocktail in their honor is a level of respect I think those men deserve.