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Wyoming Strip Clubs Back At Er!


trip Clubs opening up again is just a sign of hope is this godforsaken rut we are stuck in currently. Hats off to Wyoming for taking these necessary steps, this is why the world envies America. They have no problem spitting in the face of science to ensure dreams continuously come true.

Source -"It's been very, very difficult. Most of us don't have anything else to fall back on," Thomas said. "You wonder why the food banks are so busy? There's no way for these girls to pay their rent."

Now with the whole masks on while stripping is that going to be a problem? I would think not if anything it's a chance to carry out some of the fantasies we have all had laid up in the hospital doped up on morphine thinking the nurse wants to bang you. Which in both circumstances is not going to happen but a dollar and a dream, am I right?

For a few months now we have all been deprived of sitting sniffers row completely annihilated throwing rent money at a set of man-made cans, it's been horrible. Resorting to buying a monthly subscription on OnlyFans just doesn't scratch that itch. I'd be a liar if I didn't say I maxed out the Visa on some of the finest Brass Pole Ballerina's explicit content only to through the spare loonies I got lying around at my iPhone screen. Only leaving me with a cracked screen and horrible masturbation problem.

At the end of the day, the world keeps spinning as these fine ladies do around the pole for our neanderthal brains to be entertained. I do applaud them for basically telling Covid-19 to go fuck itself.

Signing Out,
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